How to Troubleshoot an Odometer in a Chevrolet Silverado

by Allen Moore

Before the rampant advent of odometer fraud, where a seller will either tamper with the odometer or otherwise misrepresent the actual mileage of the vehicle, anyone with the skill and knowledge could work on their odometer. However, the US federal government now treats odometer fraud as a felony. If you determine your odometer is in need of repair, it is best to take it to the dealer or a certified odometer repair facility. If you suspect your odometer is having issues, you can perform the following steps to determine if you need to have it repaired.


Verify the speedometer is working while driving. Once you have verified the speedometer is working, check to see if the odometer is advancing with each tenth of a mile and complete mile you drive. The odometer and speedometer get their data from the same sensors, routed through the electronic control module (ECM). If the speedometer is working and the odometer is not, this issue is in the instrument cluster and you should move on to Step 3. If neither is working, go to Step 2.


Refer to the Haynes manual to determine the location of the wheel speed sensor on your particular year and model of Silverado. Use the flashlight to visually inspect the wheel speed sensor for damage. Inspect the wheel speed sensor wiring harness for damage as well. If either looks damaged, you will need to have them replaced. If both look fine, refer to Step 3.


Take your Silverado to a Chevrolet dealership or your local speedometer shop for further diagnosis. If the speedometer works and the odometer does not, your instrument cluster will need to be replaced or repaired by a certified technician. Once you have had this repair performed, make sure to keep the paperwork and receipts from the repair to supply to any subsequent owners, should you decide to sell the truck at a later date. In some cases, the issue may be a software problem in the ECM. In the event your ECM is having issues, you will need it diagnosed by a dealership service department for recalibration and/or replacement. Normally, when an ECM begins exhibiting software problems, you will notice other malfunctions in the various systems the ECM controls, which are all drivetrain-related systems.


  • check In the event you need to take your Silverado in for repairs, do your best to communicate as much pertinent information as possible to the service department or speedometer shop. Tell them when the issue first occurred, how long it has been happening, if it is intermittent or constant and, in the case of intermittent failures, the conditions under which it works or malfunctions. The more hard information you can provide, the faster they can pinpoint the issue and ultimately the less time you will be without your truck.

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