How to Troubleshoot a C6 Ford Transmission

by Alibaster Smith

The C6 Ford transmission was a popular three-speed transmission on some Ford trucks. While robust, the transmission can have problems, like any other transmission. Because of the complex nature of this transmission, it is recommended that you troubleshoot the problem first and allow a mechanic who specializes in repairing and rebuilding Ford transmissions do the actual work of fixing any problems.

Check the oil level. Open the hood and pull out the transmission dipstick. Wipe off the end of the dipstick and put it back into the filler neck. Pull the stick back out and check the oil level. It should be between the upper and lower marks on the end of the stick.

Fill the transmission with oil if the oil level is low. Remove the transmission dipstick. Place a funnel in the opening of the filler neck, where the transmission dipstick is located. Pour in fresh transmission oil, periodically checking the oil level.

Turn the truck on and shift the vehicle into neutral. Listen for any noise while shifting. Any clunking noise indicates loose engine or transmission mounts.

Shift the truck into the drive gear. Let off the brake pedal. If the truck does not creep forward, the torque converter needs to be checked and, possibly, replaced.


  • check For specific information about troubleshooting your Ford truck's transmission, consult the particular vehicle's manual (see Resources).

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