How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a Mazda 6

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A newer entry into the family sedan market is the Mazda 6. While it's not a Camry or an Accord, this Mazda has done pretty well since it entered the market in 2003. While it provides a decent ride, the electrical system isn't one of its high points.

Enjoy the pretty light show that you get when the Mazda 6 doesn't start. If the flashing lights and spinning needles of your electrical system appear, your battery is most likely dead. Most Mazda batteries last approximately 3 to 5 years, but extreme weather conditions might shorten a battery's life.

Check your fuses if your radio suddenly goes out, even if the display still works. Chances are you've blown a fuse. Checking the fuse box for electrical system problems is often your first step in troubleshooting.

Try another key fob if your Mazda 6 power windows act out on their own, particularly if they go down after you turn off the car and try to lock the doors and set the alarm system. If the system doesn't work with the other key fob, ask your dealer about reprogramming your key fob. If the windows fail to operate correctly with either key fob, try the initial setting instructions in the next step.

Restore your power windows to the factory setting if they don't work after replacing your master window switch or battery. With your engine running, press the power window switch down until the window is down. Pull window switch up for one click, and then pull switch in for 2 seconds or more after the window closes until you hear a click or a beep.

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