How to Troubleshoot the Electrical System in a GMC Sierra

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Recommended by "Consumer Reports" as a pickup truck, the GMC Sierra, is a reliable truck and sibling to the Chevrolet Silverado. It comes in two versions, the regular 1500 and the heavy duty 2500. Both come with a decent electrical system that needs only occasional diagnosis and repair.

Ask GM whether you need to take your 2007 to 2008 Sierra back to General Motors for a quick fix to the heated windshield wiper fluid system. General Motors recalled 857,735 vehicles for a possible short circuit risk from this component that can cause other electrical failure and even a dangerous situation. The fix is a wire harness with an in-line fuse.

Suspect a defective anti-theft system if your GMC Sierra's lights are flashing away while off. It can lead to further problems with wire insulation or harness bundles.

Look further into the problem of losing power while driving with or without the check engine light coming on. It may be something a simple as the fuse to the OBD2 connection that needs replacing.

Check the switch for your windshield wipers if they won't turn off. It could be a bad switch that needs replacing. Problems that require the replacement of the wiper motor are usually signaled by wipers that don't function at all.

Watch out for modifications when you buy a used Sierra pickup. Check all the electrical components, including lights, stereo and turn signals. Sometimes wires get crossed; if not, look at the connectors.

Update the electrical system in older GMC trucks. The older trucks are experiencing a resurgence in popularity as owners restore them. Don't overlook the electrical system, which needs a makeover in order to be able to handle today's power needs.

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