How to Troubleshoot Car Heater Problems

by Ross Glyn
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A car heater works by blowing air from the heated engine over a heater core and funneling it into the vehicle compartment. All components need to be functioning properly for the air to heat the car interior fully. Usually this will take a few minutes. If the heater does not respond accordingly, there are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot this problem before an expensive trip to the mechanic.

Step 1

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Check to see you have enough coolant in the radiator. If not, add the proper amount.

Step 2

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Start the car and turn the fan and heater to the highest setting. Listen for the fan to engage when you flip the heater switch. If you do not hear it, it could mean that a fuse has blown.

Step 3

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Check the fuses, usually located in a fuse box beneath the steering column. Pull out the fuse connected to the heating system and check if it is broken. Replace as necessary.

Step 4

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Place your hand above the black or red hoses connected to the heater core at the firewall. The hoses should both be hot. If they are not, the coolant is not circulating correctly and it is time to have a professional replace the heater core.

Step 5

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Check the inside floor of the vehicle for wetness or a strong odor. If these signs are noticeable, you may need to replace the heater core.

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