How to Transfer a Hyundai Warranty in Canada

by Diana Prince
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A Hyundai warranty starts the date the vehicle is originally purchased. There are different warranty plans to choose from, including the 6 yr/72k miles plan and extended warranties, but regardless, once you sign the contract and it gets entered into Hyundai's system, the warranty becomes valid. Upon sale of the vehicle in Canada, you can transfer the warranty in order to have the warranty transferred into the name of the new owner. Some warranties transfer automatically upon sale of the vehicle, but in most cases you must notify Hyundai, the auto warranty company, and go through the proper warranty transfer process.

Step 1

Visit a local Hyundai dealership. It does not need to be the actual dealership you purchased the vehicle from, although it may speed things up by making the process easier if so. To locate a dealer near you, see the Resources section.

Step 2

Talk to a representative at the dealership. You need to advise him of the buyer's name and address and inform him of the VIN number of the vehicle and the current mileage.

Pay any required fees. The warranty should now be transferred from your name into the new buyer's name. You should inform the buyer of this and provide him with copies of any paperwork received during the transaction.


  • Coverage of a Hyundai warranty is transferable throughout the entire life of the warranty; the fee can vary, depending on which province the transfer takes place in.
  • Typically, a warranty transfer must take place within 30 days of transfer of ownership of the vehicle.
  • You can also contact a Hyundai representative via telephone in order to transfer a warranty in Canada; representatives are available weekdays between the hours of 8am and 6pm EST at 1-800-461-8242 for English service, 1-800-461-5695 for French. You need to provide them with the same basic information and can pay any required fees with a credit card over the phone.

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