Towing Specifications for a Honda Pilot

by Justin Cupler
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With its eight-person capacity, 250-horsepower engine and unibody construction, the 2014 Honda Pilot is more of a family hauler than a trailer-towing machine. It can, however, tow a medium-size trailer if it has the necessary equipment and it is not hauling around the Brady Bunch.

Four-Wheel Drive

With four-wheel drive, the 2014 Honda Pilot can tow 4,500 pounds. This weight rating has some qualifications though, as it assumes that there are only two 150-pound people in the vehicle with 15 pounds of cargo each. With every additional person riding in the SUV and their 15 pounds of cargo, the towing capacity goes down by 200 pounds, until there are seven people in the vehicle. With seven people, the towing capacity falls to just 2,000 pounds. Honda does not recommend towing with eight people in the vehicle.

Two-Wheel Drive

With two to six people in the vehicle, the two-wheel-drive 2014 Pilot with a transmission cooler tows 1,000 pounds less than the four-wheel-drive model. With seven people, this SUV with a transmission cooler can tow 2,000 pounds, and Honda says not to tow with eight people on board. Without the transmission cooler installed, the Pilot can only tow 2,000 pounds with no more than two people in the vehicle.

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