How to Tow a Trailer Without Lights

by Sharin Griffin
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Towing a trailer requires certain laws be met according to each state. Older trailers may be missing lights due to damage or wiring shortages. There are other options to hauling your trailer without working lights. Always remember, there must be some form of light or reflective surface on a trailer to legally pull it. Most states require working lights to avoid being fined.

Step 1

Purchase magnetic lights. Magnetic lights are a temporary light source that attach to your bumper. A plug is inserted into the vehicle's connector so that they will light up when you press your brakes, allowing other vehicles to stop in time. Magnetic lights can be purchased at auto stores or RV dealerships.

Step 2

Attach the trailer to a larger truck with lights at the top of the back window. Place reflective tape on the back of your trailer so that it can be seen in the dark. The lights on your truck will allow others to see when you are stopping and the tape will allow others to see the trailer and judge proper stopping distance.

Step 3

Check that your vehicle's turn signals are visible over or to the side of your trailer. Signal lights that are connected to your outside mirrors are helpful in making sure others can see when you slow down or turn.

Step 4

Secure battery-operated flashing lights to your trailer. Battery-operated flashing lights alert other drivers that you are towing a trailer and help them measure distance when behind you.

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