How to Install a Blind Spot Mirror

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Eliminate blind spots and drive safer with a blind spot mirror. This article will help you install your blind spot mirror and also give you some tips to drive safer.

Step 1

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You don't need an expensive car with special electronics that tell you when a car is in your blind spot. All you need is an inexpensive blind spot mirror.

Step 2

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Blind spot mirrors can be purchased at local auto part stores such as Auto Zone and Advanced Auto Parts. You can also find them at big box stores like Walmart and Target.

Step 3

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Most blind spot mirrors have a sticky surface on the back which holds it to your mirror. Before you install it, you need to clean and dry the surface of your side view mirror. To do this, use a regular glass cleaner and a paper towel. Make sure you completely dry off the mirror when you are drying it.

Step 4

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Pick a spot either on the top outside corner or the bottom outside corner of your side view mirror. Then peel off the paper backing of your blind spot mirror and stick it to the mirror.

Step 5

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Before driving, always adjust your mirrors so you can see properly. You need to do this even if you were the last person to drive your car, as you may have been sitting at a different angle. Your side view mirror should be positioned do that you can just barely see the outside of your car. This will allow you maximum coverage from your side view mirror and the blind spot mirror will help cover the rest.

Step 6

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When driving, check your mirrors frequently so you always know when a car is about to pull up beside you. Not paying attention can lead to side swiping a car when you change lanes. If you are unsure if there is someone behind you, look over your shoulder quickly to check.

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