What Are Security Approach Lamps?

by Michael E Carpenter

Security Approach Lamps are a security feature that can help the owner of the car identify threats around the car as they approach it. This feature is useful when vehicles are parked in dark areas and helps the driver to see if anyone is near or in the car before they try to get in.

Who Sells Them

Ford and Ford brands, such as Lincoln, offer the security approach lamps as either a standard option or an upgrade to many of their vehicles. The security approach lamp feature can be found on most new cars, trucks and SUV offered by Ford and Lincoln.

What Happens

The security approach lamps light up when a person presses the keyless remote to open the car. All interior lights of the vehicle come on, along with the puddle lights and parking lights. This allows the owner of the vehicle to see if there is anyone suspicious standing near the vehicle or anyone is in the vehicle. It can also scare people away before they have a chance to act.

Why This Feature

The security approach lamps add an extra layer of safety for owners as they approach their vehicle, alerting them to any potential hazards before they get into their car. This keeps them safe and gives them an added sense of relief.

Other Benefits

Illuminating the vehicle can also help if the owner drops something near the vehicle. The puddle and parking lights give off enough light that the owner can easily find the items he dropped without having to search in the dark.

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