How to Tow a Honda Civic

by Aram Khayatpour
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While Honda does not recommend that an owners tow Honda Civics, if done correctly, towing a Civic will cause no harm to the car or to its internal parts. The procedure for towing a Honda Civic is important because it keeps all of the internal parts in the transmission properly lubricated, which will prevent metal parts from grinding against each other. Although towing your Civic on your own is an option, it should be noted that doing so may void the car's warranty, so make sure to check with your Honda dealer before attempting to tow your car.

Step 1

Start the engine of the Honda Civic and put the transmission in the lowest "D" setting.

Step 2

Allow the car to sit in this setting for 30 seconds.

Step 3

Move the shifter up into the next "D" setting and allow it to sit in this setting for another 30 seconds.

Step 4

Continue to move the shifter up the gears and allow it to sit in each gear for 30 seconds until you have reached the "N" setting.

Step 5

Turn the key in the ignition to Roman numeral "I".

Step 6

Fasten the tow cable to the hitch of your truck or RV. If your tow cable has a hook, simply loop it around and hook it on; if it does not, use a double knot to tie it to the tow hitch. Only use a tow cable designed for towing--these can be bought from any auto parts store. While many people use chain or rope to tow, these can come apart during the towing process and can cause serious damage to both your car and other drivers on the road.

Step 7

Run the tow cable over your bumper and around any part of your Civic's front end framing. Double loop it around the framing and then run it underneath the bumper, and attach the other end to the tow hitch.

Step 8

Proceed to tow your Honda Civic, but keep your speed under 35 mph, make steady stops, and take special care when turning.

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