How to Tow With a Ford Explorer Sport Trac

by Robert Good

Using the Ford Explorer Sport Trac, as a tow vehicle, will require a trailer hitch installed on the rear bumper as well as a trailer brake light connection. The size of cargo you will be towing will determine how big the trailer will need to be and how strong of a trailer hitch to use. Any truck rental establishment will have trailers for rent and a variety of trailer hitches that you can purchase and have installed on the Ford Sport Trac.


Back the Ford Explorer Sport Trac up to the trailer so that the trailer hitch on the Ford is in front of the trailer connecting arm.


Lift the trailer connecting arm up and over the metal ball on the Ford Sport Trac's trailer hitch. Connect the trailer arm to the hitch ball and press down on the trailer arm until it is securely in place on the trailer hitch ball.


Lock the trailer arm to the trailer hitch using a padlock. Connect the chains on the trailer arm to the trailer hitch. Connect the left chain hook to the right support hole on the trailer hitch then connect the right chain to the left support hole on the trailer hitch.


Connect the brake wire on the trailer to the brake connection on the trailer hitch. Press the brake pedal on the Ford Sport Trac to ensure that the brake lights are working properly.


Load your cargo and secure it tightly to the trailer.

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