How to Pull an Escalade Behind an RV

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Towing a Cadillac Escalade behind an RV -- most likely a motor home -- is possible, but it takes some planning to ensure you don't damage your SUV's transmission or exceed the towing capacity of your RV. Make sure to follow the directions and consult your owner's manuals for the chassis of your motor home and also for your Escalade before actually attempting to tow the SUV.

Towing an Escalade Behind an RV

Step 1

Before deciding whether it's possible to tow your Escalade behind an RV, it's important to determine the specifications of each. For instance, you'll want to know the estimated gross weight of your Escalade. You can find this by opening the driver's side door and examining the placard stuck on the doorjamb; alternatively, you can flip through your owner's manual or consult the official GM website for the estimated weight of your SUV. Once you have determined that weight, consult the owner's manual to the chassis of your RV to ascertain the maximum amount the drivetrain is able to tow.

Step 2

Because you cannot disengage the driveshaft on an all-wheel drive Escalade, it is not advisable to "flat-tow" one using a hitch. Doing so could permanently damage your SUV's transmission. Instead, you'll need to find a flatbed trailer. Make sure when looking for a flatbed trailer that you insist on the ability to carry a vehicle as heavy as a Cadillac Escalade. Make sure, also, that you choose a flatbed that you can easily connect and disconnect from an RV.

Step 3

To keep other drivers alert of your moves, you'll need to buy the proper wiring kit to hook your flatbed trailer's turn signals and other lights into the lights of your RV. That way, when you're making a turn or stepping on the brakes, drivers following close behind will know what you are doing.

Step 4

Once you have determined your RV can haul the weight of an Escalade, and that your flatbed trailer can carry the weight of the SUV, you're ready to connect the trailer to your motorhome. Your motorhome will come with the proper towing apparatus to connect to the flatbed; make sure you follow the instructions to ensure a proper securing of the trailer to the RV.

Step 5

To complete the process, purchase the proper bungee cords and towing chains to completely secure your SUV to the flatbed trailer. That way, in case of accidental disengagement of the Escalade's transmission or brakes, the SUV won't go flying.

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