How to Tow a Fifth-Wheel With a Tundra

by Bob White

The Toyota Tundra is a very capable towing machine. The 2011 model can tow up to 10,400 pounds when properly equipped. That is enough for a large fifth wheel camper, flatbed or utility trailer. A fifth wheel positions the mass of the trailer directly over the rear drive wheels of the Tundra. This improves stability and traction of the tow vehicle. Connecting a fifth wheel trailer is a simple process, once you understand the steps.

Determine the towing capacity of your Tundra by looking in the owner's manual. The weight of the trailer combined with the weight of its cargo must be less than this rating for a safe trip.

Set the height of the fifth wheel trailer's king pin to the same height as the Tundra's fifth wheel hitch. This is typically done by hand-cranking the lever on the trailer's landing gear.

Lower the tailgate on the Tundra and open the locking bar on the hitch.

Reverse the vehicle so the the trailer's kingpin engages the Tundra's hitch. The kingpin will slide into the hitch's receiver.

Secure the hitch's locking bar. Put the Tundra in the forward gear and 'bump' the hitch to make sure it is locked. Do not apply any throttle with the gas peddle.

Connect the trailer's umbilical cord to the vehicle's receiver and attach the breakaway switch cable to the hitch's mount.

Raise the vehicle's tailgate and the trailer's landing gear. Remove the wheel chocks from the trailer's tires.

Drive slower than normal and provide additional braking room to compensate for the additional weight of the trailer.

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