How to Tow a Car With a Truck

by Ezmeralda Lee

Stranded and have no money for a tow truck? You can use a regular truck to get you and your car safely off the road. There are a few things you can use such as a tow rope, chain or even a car dolly. Being able to tow the vehicle safely is the No. 1 one thing that needs to be considered. Using a truck is an easy, safe, cheap way to get your car where it needs to be. Every state has different towing laws, though, so make sure your state allows your car to be towed by another vehicle.

Using a Rope or Chain

Step 1

Back up the truck to the car. Leave some space so you can get the rope or chain attached to the frame or bumper of the truck and the car. You want to make sure the vehicles are in park so there is no rolling while you are on the ground.

Step 2

Attach your tow rope. You will attach the rope to the bumper of the truck by looping it and making sure it is not going to come loose while towing. Attach the other end of the tow rope to your car. You will want to make sure you attach the rope to the frame of your car. That way you don't pull off the bumper.

Step 3

If your car has battery power, you will want to turn on your flashers. The truck also should use flashers. This let's everyone know you are towing even though they can't see the rope. Turn on your key so you can put the car in the neutral position. Turing the key allows you to use the power steering and brakes as well. If the battery is dead, such luxuries are not there.

Start the truck and put the truck into drive. You will want to pull out slowly as to not jerk the car or bend your bumper. Keep a consistent speed. This should take you to where you need to park your car for repair.

Using a Car Dolly

Step 1

Back up the truck to the dolly and attach the dolly to the trailer hitch. You will want to make sure your trailer hitch ball fits the dolly.

Step 2

Once the dolly is attached to the truck, you will drive your car onto the dolly. If your car is not drivable, you can back the dolly up under the car. When loading the car on the dolly, you will need another person to guide you in the right direction.

Step 3

Once your car is centered, you will use the straps to put around both front wheels. The straps should go over the wheels.

You will use the ratchet straps to tighten the straps. This will secure the car and keep it from coming off the dolly.

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