How to Tow My Pontiac Grand Prix

by Jeremiah Blanchard

Car trouble can happen when you least expect it, and often it happens when you don't have adequate funds to remedy the situation. Hiring a tow truck to tow your car, for instance, can be a costly expense. An alternative to hiring a tow truck is to tow the car yourself with a vehicle that's capable of towing another vehicle. You'll need to do this with caution and in accordance with the towing laws of your community. If you're going to tow a Pontiac Grand Prix, you need to be aware of the Grand Prix's particular towing requirements.

Step 1

Back the truck up to the front of the Pontiac Grand Prix, leaving about 5 feet of space between the two vehicles.

Step 2

Look under the front of the Pontiac to locate the tow hooks. These will be two metal rings attached to the frame positioned in between the tires.

Step 3

Hook the tow rope, tow straps or chain onto the tow rings. Using a chain can scratch or otherwise damage both vehicles, so using tow straps or a tow rope is recommended.

Step 4

Hook the opposite side of the tow straps, rope, or chain onto the truck tow ball (the hitch) securely.

Step 5

Place a sign in the rear window of the Pontiac that reads "In Tow," then insert the keys into the ignition and turn the key to release the steering wheel. Place the vehicle in neutral, then have a buddy ride in the Pontiac to apply the brakes and keep it in line with the truck while you pull it.

Step 6

Turn the hazard lights on in both vehicles, then proceed slowly to tow the Pontiac.

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