How to Tow With a Car Tow Bar

by Carl Pruit

Are you needing to tow a vehicle with your car, but are unsure how to hook them up? Towing a car is actually not that difficult. There are just a few key things you need to know. Always make sure you are never towing a vehicle that is too big for your tow vehicle and don't drive as fast as you normally would. If you just pay attention to what you're doing, you can easily tow a vehicle with your car.

Attach car tow bar to the vehicle that will do the towing, by holding tow bar parallel to your rear bumper. Hook metal clips around top of bumper to hold tow bar in place. Hook lower clips on tow bar to the bottom of the bumper and pull slack out by pulling the excess chain through the retaining holes and lock in place by sliding chain into socket on bumper hitch. Tighten tow bar by turning wing nuts on chain to tighten the remaining slack.

Attach A-frame tow bar to vehicle to be towed by holding the base of the A-frame parallel to the front bumper of vehicle to be towed. Attach metal clips on tow bar to the top of front bumper to hold in place. Attach lower clips to the bottom of the bumper and pull slack out of chains by running through retaining holes and locking in place, sliding chain into slots on bumper and turning to lock. Tighten A-frame tow bar by turning wing nut to draw slack out of chains.

Move A-frame into place by having someone slowly drive vehicle to be towed into position while someone holds A-frame up and directs driver into position. Lower A-frame ball socket over the hitch ball on the car bumper hitch of the towing vehicle. When ball socket is completely seated over hitch ball, tighten screw over top of the ball socket to secure. Connect chains from A-frame to the frame of the towing vehicle (this is a safety chain).


  • close Make sure you are not towing a vehicle that is too big for the car that is doing the towing.

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