What Tires Fit an Astro Van?

by Tim Plaehn

The Astro van was produced and sold by Chevrolet from 1985 until 2005. The van fit in size between full-size vans and minivans. The rear-wheel drive configuration made the Astro popular for towing. Astro vans were equipped with 15-inch diameter wheels as standard, except for the last three model years when 16-inch wheels were used.

2003 through 2005 Astro tires

The factory-equipment tire size for the Chevrolet Astro van for the model years 2003 through 2005 is 215/70R16. This tire size has a diameter of 28 inches. For these last three years of Astro van production there were no other tire sizes available as an option from Chevrolet.

1985 through 2002 Astro tires

In 2001 and 2002, the only tire size Chevrolet installed on the Astro van was 215/75R15. In the earlier model years, 1985 through 2000, there were other optional tire sizes, but the 215/75R15 size was factory installed on the Astro every year that the van came with 15-inch wheels. For an older Astro with the smaller 195 or 205 aspect-ratio tires, installing the 215/75R15 tires would work well and the larger tire will look better and provide a better ride.

Optional Astro Tire Sizes

For the Astro owner looking for a wider, low-profile tire, tires in the size 245/60R15 were an optional item prior to 1997. This size will fit on the standard Astro wheel and van owners who have 15 inch wheels from any model year could select this size for a wider tire option. The wide-profile 245/70R15 tire is only 3/10ths of an inch smaller in diameter than the 215/75R15 standard. Astro owners with the 16-inch wheels could select tires in the size 235/65R16 for a wider tire footprint. This size has the same diameter as the standard 16-inch Astro tire and will fit on the factory wheels.

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