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Chevrolet S-10 ZR2 Tire Sizes

by Lyle Burwell

The ZR2 was an off-roading option package introduced by General Motors in 1994 as an RPO (GM code for Regular Production Option) for the Chevy S-10 in the 4x4 regular cab model only. In 1995 the ZR2 RPO became available for the extended cab 4x4 S-10 as well. The option was dropped for regular cab models after the 1999 model year.

S-10 ZR2 Stock Tire

The stock tire for the S-10 ZR2 was originally a 31 x 10.5/R15 B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain LTC. During the 2003 model year, the S-10’s final year of production, the Goodrich tire was replaced with a General Ameritrac 31 x 10.5/R15. Both tires were all-road steel-belted radial blackwalls. A full-size spare was included.

Tire Upsizing

The size of the S-10 wheel-well and a six-inch wheel backspace only permits upsizing S-10 ZR2 tires by a maximum of 1.5 inches without cutting, lifting or both. With lifting alone, the maximum tire size possible on the S-10 ZR2 is 33 x 10.5.

Suspension Lift Options

Only a few lift kits fit the S-10 ZR2. To do a suspension lift, your choices are the 5” ZR2 IFS Suspension System from BDS Suspension or the 2- or 6-inch suspension lifts from Superlift Suspension Systems.

Body Lift Options

The only body lift kit suitable for a pre-1998 S-10 ZR2 is the 3-inch kit from Performance Accessories. To lift 1998 to 2003 S-10 ZR2s, the two-inch Performance Accessories or the two-inch BDS body lift kits will work.

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