Tips on Window Tinting Wetting Solution

by Kimberly Ripley

Window tinting can add both style and sophistication to your car. Do-it-yourself auto window tinting is a tedious task, but if done carefully can yield impressive results. One place people try to cut corners, however, is on the solution for wetting the tint during the application process. Some believe it an unnecessary step and wind up wasting the entire tint kit. The tint wetting solution is a necessity and a few options are available.

Professional Product

Visit your local auto body store or your local mass retailer like Target or Walmart. A few products will be available solely for the purpose of applying window tint. A few brand names include Film-On, Rapid Tac and Ultra Bond. Wear safely glasses when applying this solution as it has the potential to burn the membranes in your eyes.

Baby Shampoo

Mix a few drops of very gentle baby shampoo in a large spray bottle filled with lukewarm water. Shake the bottle and allow it to set for about 20 minutes before using it. Apply per the directions in the window tinting kit and replace as needed. If bubbles from the soapiness form under the tint, they can simply be removed with a squeegie.

Rubbing Alcohol

Fill a large spray bottle with 1/2 lukewarm water and 1/2 rubbing alcohol and use in place of the professional window tinting wetting solution. Professional auto body technicians swear by using plain alcohol but don't recommend the practice for non-professionals. If the application isn't made quickly enough, the straight alcohol has the potential to remove the adhesive from the window tint film, which can result in a lot of money wasted.


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