Tips on How to Buy a Used Van

by Gregory Crews

There are a lot of options when buying a used van. There are so many different types of van to choose from and the resale value on vans are very reasonable. Making the plunge and purchasing a van does not have to be tedious. The biggest thing to consider is what style of van you will need and what your price range is. You can then tailor your search to include the extras you might need as well.

What Type of Van

Determine your needs for a van. Vans come in many different styles. A cargo van is ideal if you are using it for work and intend to have covered space for transporting materials and tools from one location to the next. A mini-van is ideal for transporting people while saving money on gasoline prices. A conversion van is ideal for transporting passengers in comfort.

Mechanical Condition

Locate at least three vans that are in your budget and suitable for your needs. Inspect each van and have each van inspected by a mechanic to determine running condition. Research each van to determine if it has had any major mechanical problems in the past. Request maintenance records to determine oil change intervals and if the vehicle has spent a lot of time in the shop.


Determine which van is in the best price range and condition for your budget. Negotiate the price. The seller will usually work in your favor if you are ready to buy and short on the total asking price. Do not be afraid to make an offer that is under the asking price. The worst-case scenario is that the buyer will come back with a counter-offer. The best trick to negotiating a price is to make an offer and let the seller speak next. The chances are greater that the seller will come down on the asking price.

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