How to Tighten a Loose Side View Mirror on the Driver's Side on a Winnebago

by Necie Reed

Winnebago Industries Inc. is the leader in RV (recreational vehicle) manufacturing. If you drive your Winnebago often, you may experience some vibrations in the side view mirrors. This is a result of the force of the wind against the mirror causing the mirror to loosen up. Tightening the side view mirror only requires a few hand tools.

Park the Winnebago on a flat surface. Turn the key ignition to the "OFF" position.

Unscrew the protective cap located below the rear of the mirror with the flathead screwdriver. Depending on your Winnebago's model, this cap may be on the end of the mirror's arm.

Tighten the allen screw using the allen wrench. Turn the allen wrench clockwise until the mirror is sturdy on the mirror arm.

Replace the protective cap onto the allen screw hole and tighten with the flathead screwdriver.

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