How to Replace a Full Side View Mirror on a Toyota Avalon

by Jody L. Campbell

It's easier to replace the full side view mirror on your Toyota Avalon than it appears. Since the price of the full side view mirror is pretty expensive, you might consider installing it yourself and saving some money on labor charges.

Removing the Old Mirror

Step 1

Open the door and power down the window on the side you're replacing the mirror on. Turn the ignition key to the "off" position.

Step 2

Locate the black triangular molding in the lower front corner of the door covering the inside of the side view mirror. This molding snaps into place.

Step 3

Pry off the molding gently using the screwdriver. Place a cloth under the screwdriver to prevent scratching the paint on the door frame. Pry all the way around the molding until it unsnaps.

Step 4

Lift the bottom lip of the molding out of the window cavity and set the molding aside.

Step 5

Remove the foam rubber plugs under the molding. This will expose the studs and nuts of the side view mirror and the wire harness connecting the electrical power to the mirror.

Step 6

Reach in and grab the wire and pull it as far as it will allow to access the plug. Unplug the mirror from the harness by pressing in the lock clip using the screwdriver.

Step 7

Use the ratchet, socket and extension to remove the three nuts from the side view mirror studs. Line the telescopic magnet alongside the end of the socket as you're removing it in case it falls into the door cavity.

Step 8

Gently pry the mirror downward on the outside of the door. It will be somewhat stuck from the weather stripping beneath it, but it will come free. Be careful not to drop it and scratch the door panel.

Extract the mirror. The end of the plug may seem tricky to remove from the small hole, but it will come out.

Installing the New Mirror

Step 1

Insert the new mirror and studs into place.

Step 2

Thread on the nuts using the extension and the socket. Tighten them up with the ratchet when all three are on.

Step 3

Plug the mirror outlet back into the wire harness and tuck it back into the door cavity.

Step 4

Turn the ignition key back onto power now and check the power to the mirror. Don't bother adjusting now, just make sure the power is working and then turn the key back off.

Step 5

Replace the foam plugs then snap the triangular molding back into place, but tuck the bottom lip into the window cavity first then press it until it snaps into place.

Remove the tools. Sit in the driver's seat as if you were about to drive and adjust the mirror.

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