How to Test a Club Car Motor

by Kevin Mclain

A club car is an electric-powered utility vehicle that is mainly used as a golf cart. Club cars can also used to move people more efficiently around places where regular vehicles will not fit. Electric-powered club cars come equipped with a series-wound electric motor that turns the wheels forward or in reverse. The current from the battery pack flows through the wiring inside of the motor to produce the electricity needed to operate the car. To properly test the motor, connect a fully charged 12-volt battery to the electric motor's battery posts.

Step 1

Park the club car on a level surface and turn the key to the "off" position.

Step 2

Jack the rear of the club car up and place jack stands at the proper rear jacking points. Lower the rear of the car onto the jack stands and remove the jack.

Step 3

Jack the front of the car up and place the jack stands under the proper front jacking points. Lower the front of the car onto the stands. Once the front of the car is completely lowered onto the jack stands, leave the jack in place.

Step 4

Move to the rear of the club car and locate the electric motor underneath the rear of the car. The electric motor will have four wires connected to the top front. Each of the four battery wire posts are marked A1, A2, S1, S2. Mark each wire with the proper post number with a piece of chalk before removing the wires from the motor.

Step 5

Remove the nuts from each of the four battery posts that hold the wires in place. Place the nuts in a safe area and pull the wires off of the electric motor. Connect a jumper wire from the A1 post to the S1 post on the electric motor. Screw the battery post nuts on and tighten the nuts with the adjustable wrench.

Step 6

Connect one of the negative leads of the jumper cables to the negative post on the fully charged 12-volt battery. Connect the other end of the negative jumper cable to the S2 post on the electric motor.

Step 7

Connect the positive jumper cable to the positive battery terminal on the 12-volt battery. Touch the other end of the positive battery cable to the A2 terminal on the electric motor. Once the positive battery cable touches the A2 terminal, the motor should start turning and the rear wheels should start turning as well. Once the motor has been tested, remove the jumper cables and reconnect the club car battery cables to the electric motor.

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