How to test your car fuses

by braniac

The most common problem with electrical problems with cars is a blown fuse. Testing your fuses should be your first step with diagnosing electrical problems.

Fuse panel

First locate your fuse panel. Most new cars have one in the engine compartment generally referred to as the PDC or the power distribution center. The other is generally inside the car under the steer column near the floor or on the driver's side of the dash.

Test Light

Hook up your test light clamp to a good ground. If your in the engine compartment just use the negative battery terminal. If your inside the car use a door hinge or something metal attached to the body of the car.


Turn your key to the on position. Each fuse will have two little metal pieces at the top. With the needle side of your test light touch each metal top piece of each fuse. Each fuse should light up twice. If one side lights up and the other doesn't you have a blown fuse.

Items you will need

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