How to Tell If a Used Camry Has a Satellite Receiver Installed

by Bryan Clark

Satellite radio provides every driver with access to hundreds of radio channels, most of them commercial free, broadcasting uncensored music, entertainment and any type of program. From 2007 on, Toyota started to add satellite radio as an option to most vehicles in its lineup. While not all Toyotas had satellite radio, it was a dealer option for any 2007 or newer vehicle. Finding out if your vehicle has the factory add-on is generally as simple as looking at the driver's window or the front of the radio for the satellite radio badge.

Check the manufacturing date of the Toyota Camry. If it came out in 2010 or 2011 it will certainly have a satellite receiver, because in 2004 Toyota made an agreement with Sirius to begin offering satellite radio as an add-on in their vehicles. Although the agreement was reached in 2004, this didn't actually begin until 2007.

Check the windows of the car or the face of the radio. If you see the label "satellite ready" then the vehicle is equipped with a satellite antenna and receiver.

Check to see if the Camry has a satellite radio antenna installed. This is usually on the roof, the trunk, or one of the front or back windows. The antenna is not your standard antenna that extends upward from the trunk. The satellite antenna is s small, rubberized black box that will sit on your rear window, windshield, trunk or roof. The antenna has a small cord, generally tucked into the window moulding or the trunk lining once it reaches the window or trunk.

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