How to Hook Up a Bazooka Bass Tube

by Alexis Lawrence

A Bazooka Bass Tube is a subwoofer for your car stereo system that can greatly enhance the volume and sound quality of the bass notes in music. The bass tubes made by Bazooka are available in two makes. The passive make has no power source and must be powered by an external amp. The amplified make has its own built-in amplifiers and requires no external power. Installing your own bass tube can be challenging, but if you are willing to invest some time in the project it can be done.

Install the Tube

Step 1

Choose a spot in the back of your vehicle where you want to install the Bazooka system. The tube is generally installed in the trunk or back floorboard. Try to keep the end of the tube 4 inches from a wall.

Step 2

Check for electrical wiring or fuel lines running beneath the floor where you plan to install your tube. You will be screwing brackets into the floor. Hitting a fuel line or electrical wire can do major damage. If you find a wire or fuel line, you will either need to move it aside or choose a new mounting spot.

Step 3

Loop the provided strap through the mounting base. The strap will feed through one end of the brace, across the length of the brace and out the other end. The buckle should face up when you are finished. For a detailed photograph, see the Bazooka guide.

Step 4

Use the Bazooka tube as a guide for spacing the brackets. Brackets should be placed approximately 3 inches from each end of the tube for the best hold. Lay the tube in the brackets and move the brackets inward or outward until they are 3 inches from each end. Remove the tube.

Secure the brackets to the car floor. Each bracket has two premade holes for mounting. Use the provided screws and a drill to screw the brackets into place. Loosen the buckles on the straps and slide the tube into place. Tighten each strap.

Connect the Tube to a Power Source

Step 1

Download a Bass Tube installation manual on the Bazooka site. The manuals are broken up by model numbers and give step-by-step instructions direct from the manufacturer for proper installation of your bass tube. Your bass tube should have come with a manual for hook up; if not, download it, as you will need it for installation.

Step 2

Unhook the battery of your car. Your car battery should always be unhooked before working on any electrical components.

Step 3

Connect the bass tube to your car stereo's power source. There will be several connections that must be made, including connecting the wires for the right and left channels to the right and left channels of your stereo system. Use the manual specific to your bass tube model to make these connections. There are many variables that will change the way in which your bass tube is connected, such as whether your model is amplified or powerless and whether or not your bass tube model has a switch. The only way to ensure you are hooking each wire up correctly is by referring to the proper manual for your model. Most of them contain a diagram to show you exactly where each port is located.

Rehook your car battery once all connections are made and test your stereo. If you correctly attached all wires to the positive terminals in your stereo power source, you should hear the added bass. If you are getting no sound from your Bazooka bass tube, you likely attached a wire to a negative battery terminal. Unhook your battery and check your connections.

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