Tekonsha 2030 Mark 12 Instructions

by Jo Jackson
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The Tekonsha 2030 Mark 12 is an electronic brake controller for two- and four-wheel trailer brake applications. It provides proportional trailer braking, which means that the more braking pressure you apply in the towing vehicle, the more trailer braking will occur. This gives smoother braking performance. The 2030 Mark 12 is an older Tekonsha model; mounting and wiring the unit is a task that many users can do themselves.

Step 1

Select a location for the brake controller under the dashboard in a central location where the driver’s knee will not strike it. The unit does not need to be level -- it can be mounted anywhere between plus or minus 90 degrees from level. Use a drill and screwdriver to attach the mounting bracket to your chosen location. Attach the controller to the mounting bracket with the screws provided, and the rear of the controller toward the front of the tow vehicle.

Step 2

Run the wiring from inside the vehicle through the firewall to the engine compartment of the towing vehicle. Connect the white wire to the negative terminal of the battery. Install a 20-amp circuit breaker in line with the black wire then connect it to the positive battery terminal. Connect the red wire to the circuit, which is the cold side of the stoplight switch. Splice down the line from the switch and do not disturb the position. Run the blue wire to the trailer connector for the trailer brakes -- this wire has electronic short-circuit protection.

Step 3

Adjust the brake sensor after you have installed the brake controller unit by parking the towing vehicle somewhere level and with the engine running. The trailer does not have to be hooked up to do this. Set the gain controller on the left part of the front of the unit to minimum, depress the brake pedal and keep it down. Rotate the sensor adjustment wheel on the bottom of the unit counterclockwise as far as it will go. The indicator light should now be flickering. Rotate the wheel in the other direction until the indicator glows steadily. Again turn it counterclockwise to the point where the light just begins to flicker, then release the brake pedal. The brake sensor is now adjusted.

Step 4

Connect the trailer to the tow vehicle to set the gain control. Check that the gain control is set to the minimum. Tow the trailer at low speed on a level, dry, traffic-free, paved surface. Slowly move the manual lever on the front of the brake controller all the way to the left. If the trailer brakes do not lock up, move the gain control back and repeat until you have determined the maximum gain control setting where the trailer brakes do not lock up and leave the gain control setting there. Again drive at low speed to check the automatic operation -- the towing vehicle and trailer should make a smooth, straight stop.

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