How to Stop a Tree From Sapping and Remove Tree Sap

by Editorial Team

Sap to a tree is like blood to a human, death is the only way to eliminate sapping. In this article, I will give you some tips to help you deal with the sap and some suggestions to help you avoid it.

Step 1


To keep your favorite belongings from becoming covered in sap, move or cover them during the times when trees are sapping. Don't park under the trees or purchase a pre-fabricated carport. Sapping is usually worse during the spring, especially during high humidity. Research the specie of the tree to learn more about it's life cycle. Sapping after pruning is common, but it will eventually stop.

Step 2

Removing Sap from wood

Use Murphy's Oil Soap. Do not dilute it. Apply it directly to the affected area (for larger areas use a mop). Allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Scrub clean with a soft brush, rinse, then allow to dry.

Step 3

Removing Sap from all other surfaces:

Glass, clothing, floors, hands or plastic- use acetone (nail polish remover), hand sanitizer, peanut butter, or Goo Gone. Be sure to test first on an inconspicuous place.

Automobile- Goo Gone Automotive Spray, the suggestions above will also work. Be sure to test them first to avoid damaging your car.

Leather or Hair- peanut butter

Allow the product time to do its job. Alcohol dissolves the sap, oils soften them. Both processes take time.

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