How to Take the Starter Out of a 2002 Ford Taurus

by Russell Wood

When your car won't start, there are a few different things to look for. If it sounds like the engine is trying to start, it may be the battery or the alternator. If the car makes a clicking sound when you turn the key, chances are it's the starter. If you've determined that the starter is the problem, then you can replace it fairly easily. First though, you have to remove the old model.


Disconnect the negative terminal on the battery, then the positive terminal, using the open-end wrench. Then use the jack to lift up the front of the Taurus, and set it on the jack stands. Be sure that the sedan is solidly on the stands prior to working on the vehicle.


Crawl underneath the vehicle and remove the plastic clips securing the front splash shield to the chassis using the flathead screwdriver. This is a large piece of plastic designed to protect the underside of the engine from water, and it runs from under the radiator to the mid point of the engine. Pull out the center of the pin, then pull out the entire clip using your hands.


Locate the starter off of the transmission, and disconnect the electrical connections from the starter using the open-end wrench and the ratchet. Then, adding the extension to the ratchet, unbolt the starter motor from the engine. Be careful as you lift it away from the engine, as it is fairly heavy.

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