How to Start a Gas Golf Cart

by Jamie Rankin
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Though golf carts are, of course, a common sight on golf courses, these small vehicles also are used by many non-golfers for a host of other reasons. They may be used as a means of transportation by the elderly or people who have physical disabilities that make walking difficult. Because they are designed with enough cargo room to transport at least a couple of golf bags, some people even use them to haul small items. Golf carts are simple to use, and gas-powered golf carts are easy to start.

Step 1

Check to be sure the parking brake is engaged and switch the drive select lever to either forward or reverse, depending on which direction you want the gas-powered golf cart to go.

Step 2

Turn the key to the golf cart's "On" position. If the engine is cold, pull the choke knob out and hold it while starting. You do not need to do this if the engine is already warm.

Step 3

Release the choke knob and make sure there are no obstructions in your path.

Step 4

Press down on the accelerator pedal, and the gas-powered golf cart will move.

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