How to Start Engines With Starting Fluid

by Robert Good

You can start an engine that has been sitting for a while in cold weather with starting fluid. Inside the carburetor, you'll find a valve into which you can spray the starter fluid. You must do this the correct way because it can cause damage to the engine, or you could injure yourself. You can buy the starter fluid at any auto parts store. The process of starting the engine will take you about two minutes.

Step 1

Open the hood and remove the butterfly nut securing the cover on the top of the carburetor. Pull the cover off the carburetor and set it on the engine.

Step 2

Remove the air filter from the carburetor housing and set it aside. Remove the throttle plate to expose the venturi.

Step 3

Insert the plastic tube into the spray nozzle on the starter fluid can. Spray two, one-second squirts into the venturi. Fire the engine, and it should start. Once the engine is running, replace the throttle plates, filter and cover to the carburetor.

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