My Sportage Won't Start

by Mandi Titus
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The Sportage is a midsize sport-utility vehicle that is manufactured and sold by Kia Motors America, a branch of Kia Motors Corporation, which is based in South Korea. The Sportage occasionally may need troubleshooting as, just like any vehicle, there are times when it may not start. In those cases, try a few simple checks before calling a professional mechanic.

Step 1

Check to be sure the steering column is not locked. With the steering column locked, the key will not turn in the ignition. Turn the steering wheel left and right until you hear a click to indicate that it is in the correct position, then try to start the engine.

Step 2

Add a gallon of fuel to your Sportage to be sure that there is enough fuel for the engine to start. Without enough fuel, the engine may sputter or shut off completely and will not restart. After adding the fuel, try to start the engine.

Step 3

Check the fluid levels of your Sportage. Refer to the owner's manual for the locations of the dipsticks for oil and transmission fluid, and check the coolant reservoir. Make sure that each is full or filled between the minimum and maximum lines. Without the proper fluid levels, the engine can be damaged and may not start.

Step 4

Listen for sounds as the engine is turned over. The Sportage may make certain noises that will indicate the reason it is not starting properly. If you do not hear any sounds when you turn the key, the ignition switch could be faulty. If you hear clicking, the starter is likely the problem. If the engine starts and then sputters out or turns off immediately, the fuel pump, fuel filter or fuel line could be faulty.

Step 5

Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the "Accessories" mode. Turn on the head lights and interior lights of your Sportage. The lights should come on even if the engine is not running. If they do not, the battery will have to be charged, jump-started, or replaced. Read your owner's manual to determine the proper battery for your vehicle.

Step 6

Call a mechanic or dealership for further advice on starting problems. Have the vehicle towed to the location at which a professional can diagnose the problem.

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