The Specs of an SRT-4 Wheel

by William Zane

The Dodge Neon SRT-4 was a high performance, front-wheel-drive compact sedan. The SRT-4 came in two versions, the standard SRT-4 and the even higher performance ACR SRT-4.

Width, Diameter and Bolt Pattern

The standard SRT-4 used wheels that measured 16-by-7 inches at all four corners made of cast alloy. The ACR used a slightly smaller diameter alloy wheel with the same width that measured 16-by-7 inches at all four corners. The bolt pattern on both models was 5-by-100, which means that there are five lug bolts with 100-mm from one lug to the one across from it.


The SRT-4's 17-inch wheels had a 45-mm positive offset. The ACR's 16-inch wheels used 40-mm positive offset. Both the 16-inch and 17-inch wheel weighed 21 lbs. Offset affects where the wheel sits in relation to the hub.


The standard SRT-4 came with 205/50-17 tires. The 2003 model used Michelin Pilot Sport tires and the 2004 model used BF Goodrich T/A KDW tires. The ACR version used BG Goodrich T/A KDW 2 tires that measured 225/45-16.

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