Honda Shadow Ace 750 Specs

by James Rutter
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Honda built its ACE, or American Classic Edition, line of its Shadow V-twin cruiser motorcycles to compete with brands such as Harley Davidson. It introduced the ACE for the 750cc class in 1998. Over the life of this model, Honda offered it in two versions, the VT750CD Shadow A.C.E. Deluxe or base model VT750C. Production of the ACE 750 line stopped in 2003 when Honda replaced it with the Shadow 750 Aero.


All models years of Honda’s Shadow ACE 750 drew power from a 745cc displacement four-stroke V-twin engine. A V-twin engine sets its two cylinders in an angular opposition to each other; in the case of the ACE 750, that angle was 52-degrees. This engine had a bore of 3.1 inches and a stroke of 3.0 inches.

Honda outfitted each cylinder with its own 36 mm Mikuni carburetor with a single overhead cam and three valves per cylinder, for six valves total. Riders could start the ACE 750 with Hondas electronic ignition that used two spark plugs for each cylinder. A liquid, water-based cooling system with an all-aluminum radiator kept the engine from overheating.

Honda’s 745cc engine generated 43 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and produced 44.6 pounds-feet of torque at 3,000 rpm. The engine achieved a compression ratio of 9.0-to-1.

Different model years and trim levels featured varying amounts of chrome trim on the engine and engine fittings.


All model years of the 750 ACE transferred power to the rear wheels via a chain drive. Riders could shift through the gears with the clutch operated five-speed manual transmission.


Honda built the 750 ACE frame from steel tubing. This platform gave the 750 ACE a length of 96.7 inches with a wheelbase of 63.6 inches. Like other V-twin cruiser-class motorcycles, the 750 ACE had a low seat height; the 2003 model’s seat stood 27.6 inches above the curb. These motorcycles had an overall width of 38.6 inches.

The base model Shadow ACE had a 3.1 gallon tank; Honda equipped the Deluxe models with a 4.4 gallon tank. Without any fuel or oil, the 750 ACE weighed 504.9 pounds.


Honda equipped both the base and Deluxe 750 ACE with size 120/90-17 front tires and size 170/80-15 rear tires. The back wheel used a 180mm diameter rear drum brake while the front wheel featured a 296mm disc brake that used two-piston calipers.


The base and Deluxe models of the 750 ACE had a 41mm front fork suspension that had a 130mm travel. Its rear suspension used dual shocks with 90mm of travel.

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