Specifications on a Suzuki Vinson 500 LT-F500F

by James Rutter
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The Suzuki Vinson 500 LT-F500F-- or Vinson 500 -- is an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) formerly manufactured by Japan-based Suzuki Motors as part of its "Utility" line of ATVs. In 2003, "ATV Rider" magazine described the Vinson 500 as a "best buy," praising its versatility, power and design. Suzuki discontinued this quad after the 2007 model year, when the Vinson 500 retailed for $6,399.


Suzuki outfitted the Vinson 500 with a four-stroke, single-cylinder engine displacing 493 cc. This engine utilized a single Keihin CVK36 carburetor set-up in a single overhead cam configuration with four valves per cylinder, for a total of four valves. The engine's bore measured 3.45 inches, with a 3.23-inch stroke and a 10.2-to-1 compression ratio.

The engine used a liquid cooling system and wet sump lubrication system. An electronic CDI, or capacitor discharge ignition fired the spark plugs. Riders could turn on the Vinson 500 via the electric starter.


Suzuki offered the 2007 Vinson with a five-speed manual or automatic transmission. Riders that purchased the manual version shifted through the gears via a hydraulic clutch. In both transmission configurations, the engine transferred power via a shaft drive. The Vinson 500 featured four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive, which riders operated by pressing a button mounted on the handlebars. The Vinson 500 featured a limited-slip front differential, but no limited-slip mechanism on the rear axle.


The Vinson 500's front wheels took size AT 25 x 8-12 tires, and the rear wheels rode on size AT 25 x 10-12 tires. Suzuki installed hydraulic discs on all four wheels, slapping a pair of 7.5-inch diameter discs on the front wheels and equipping each rear wheels with a single 8.5-inch diameter disc.


Suzuki equipped the 2007 Vinson 500 with an independent double A-arm front suspension that yielded 7.1 inches of travel. The rear swing arm suspension used two shock absorbers to give 7.9 inches of travel. Both the front and rear offered five preload settings. Suzuki installed a polyethylene skid plate to prevent damage when traversing rough or rocky terrain.


A 2007 Vinson spanned a length of 82.5 inches and featured a 50-inch wheelbase. These ATVs had an overall width of 46.1 inches and stood 48.6 inches in height. This quad's skid plate cruised over the ground with a 9.9-inch clearance, and the Vinson 500's single-piece seat sat 33.9 inches off the ground and could hold a rider and one passenger. Without any fuel or oil, the 2007 models tipped the scale at 604 pounds. Suzuki installed a five-gallon fuel tank in the 2007 Vinson 500.


A digital instrument panel included a speedometer/odometer, a clock and a fuel gauge. The Vinson 500's plastic body offered driver side boards, front and rear bash plates and front and rear fenders. Suzuki installed a front bumper to protect the Vinson 500 from damage during riding. Buyers could purchase the Vinson 500 in a number of colors, contingent upon the model year. In 2003, for example, Suzuki offered the Vinson 500 in green, red or yellow, while in 2007, the Vinson appeared in green, red or black. A special "camouflage" edition was made available in 2006.

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