The Specs of a Polaris Xlt 600

by A.J. Andrews

The Polaris XLT 600 combined several utilitarian aspects common to snowmobiles with amenities that separated it from other sleds in its class. The 600 (a figure denoting engine displacement) provided trail luxury while maintaining accessibility to harsh terrain.

Performance Features

A liquid-cooled, piston-port 597 cc engine powered the XLT. It had a maximum front suspension travel of 10 inches, a fuel capacity of 11.8 gallons and came standard with a 3-VM388SS Mikuni carburetor.

Control and Dimensions

Polaris’ XTRA-10 suspension provided stability in the rear, while an independent XTRA-10 suspension with Ryde AFX shock absorber provided control in the front. The XLT had a sled width of 65.4 inches, a track width of 15 inches by 121 inches by .21 inches and a weight of 503 lbs. It also had a ski center of 41 inches.


The 600 came standard with hand warmers, thumb warmers, a tachometer and composite skis. Optional features included a reverse gear, an electronic ignition, a skid plate, a towing hitch and a storage rack.

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