The Specifications of a Polaris RZR Roll Cage

by Nancy Cook Lauer
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The Polaris RZR is a popular side-by-side two-person utility vehicle, more commonly called a UTV and sometimes referred to as a dune buggy. This sporty version of the stalwart Polaris Ranger was first produced in 2008 and has spawned a bevy of after-market and improved accessories, including roll cage replacements and add-ons such as map pockets, sun roofs and even entire canvas cab covers to protect from the elements.

Stock Roll Cage

The stock roll cage, also called a cab frame, provided on the basic Polaris RZR is a black-powder-coated painted rolled aluminum, with overall dimensions of 63.75 inches long by 35 inches wide by 42.5 inches high. criticized the 2008 Polaris because the stock cage was not rated for full roll-over protection. For 2009 and later models, Polaris improved the roll cage by increasing its strength by 30 percent and reinforcing shock mounts and the front and rear frame.

After-Market and Custom Cages

After-market and custom cages can be found in a variety of price ranges, but good ones were running $1,500 and more as of November 2010. Experts, such as reviewers writing for "Dune Guide," suggest the RZR owner carefully weigh the pros and cons of material weight and strength for the best balance for a particular vehicle setup. Gussets and triangulation are also used to increase the strength without adding extra weight. Chromoly, an alloy of steel with chromium and molybdenum, or high carbon steel are good strong, lightweight choices.

Roll Cage Accessories

You can dress up your roll cage with everything from windscreens to a full canvas covering to keep out the elements. At the inexpensive end of the spectrum is a waterproof cargo bag that mounts on either the rear or overhead of the roll cage, selling in November 2010 for just $35.99. At the other end of the spectrum is a fabricated roll cage that includes a rear seat atop the back storage box for $1,549 in November 2010.

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