Specifications of the International DT360 Engine

by Andrew Latham
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The International DT diesel engines were used mainly for agricultural, construction and medium-duty applications. The DT engine family is based around a wet-sleeve design where the cylinder wall or sleeve is in contact with the engine coolant for added durability and improved heat transfer. The DT360 uses a mechanical fuel injection, a standard turbocharger and is the smallest model of the DT family.


The International DT 360 has a displacement of 360 cubic inches or 5.9 liters; produced by six in-line cylinders with a bore and stroke of 4.010 by 4.751 inches.


The International DT360 was manufactured from 1987 to 1993 for trucks and buses, after which the DT-466, the last mechanical fuel injection model of the DT family, was produced.


The DT360 was manufactured as a high and low torque model. The high torque model managed horsepower ratings of up to 210 horsepower while the low torque engine reached was rated at 160 horsepower.

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