Specifications of a 1995 KX 80 Engine

by Tim McQuade
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The 1995 KX 80 was a dirt bike produced by Kawasaki. The KX 80 was part of the KX series of dirt bikes, which ranged in size from 60 to 500 cc. The 1995 KX 80 was part of the 1991-to-2000 KX 80 production model. Due to its lightweight design and small-powered engine, the KX 80 was ideal for novice or young riders.

Engine Specifications

The 1995 KX 80 engine featured a two-stroke, single-cylinder design. It also sported a piston-valve-reed system and liquid-cooled engine cooling technology. Total piston displacement measured 5.06 cubic inches and the bore by stroke measured 1.89 inches by 1.80 inches. The compression ratio measured 9.4-to-1. The dirt bike sported a Keihin carburetor, model No. PE26. The lubrication system used a 32-to-1 fuel-to-lubrication mixture. The engine starting system utilized a primary kick design and the ignition used a CDI system. The transmission featured a six-speed, constant-mesh, return-shift gearbox; it also sported a wet, multi-disc clutch design and a chain-driven system. The front suspension system used a telescopic fork and the rear suspension system was a swing-arm design.

Engine Components

The 1995 Kawasaki KX 80 used an NGK spark plug, model No. R6254K-105. The timing system featured a full open intake design. The open scavenging port timing measured 63 degrees before bottom dead center (BBDC) and the closed scavenging port timing measured 63 degrees after bottom dead center (ABDC). The open exhaust measured 93.5 degrees BBDC, and the closed exhaust port timing measured 93.5 degrees ABDC.

Gear Ratios

The 1995 Kawasaki KX 80 used the following gear ratios: first: 2.538-to-1, second: 1.875-to-1, third: 1.5-to-1, fourth: 1.25-to-1, fifth: 1.09-to-1 and sixth: 0.956-to-1. The primary reduction ratio was 3.4-to-1 and the final reduction ratio measured 3.769-to-1. The dirt bike had a 12.258-to-1 top-gear, overall drive ratio.


The recommended transmission oil type was SE, SF or SG, class S.A.E. 10W30 or 10W40. The fuel tank capacity held a total of 1.46 gallons, and the transmission oil tank held 0.74 qts., or 700 mL. The front fork oil level, with the spring removed, measured 3.94 inches high and it used recommended Kayaba G5 or S.A.E. 10W20 fork oil; the front fork held 12.71 oz. of oil.


The 1995 KX 80 measured 71.26 inches in length, 29.33 inches in width and 41.33 inches in height. The wheelbase measured 49.21 inches and the ground clearance measured 13.58 inches. The front and rear disc brakes had a 7.48-inch diameter in the front and a 5.91-inch diameter in the rear. The front tire dimension was 70/100-17 40M Dunlop K490, while the rear tire dimension was 90/100-14 49M Dunlop K695. Front and rear suspension wheel travel measured 10.83 inches. The tubular frame had a 45-degree steering angle to both sides and a 27-degree castor. The trail of the bike measured 3.5 inches. The dry weight of the vehicle was 140 lbs.

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