The Specifications of a 1978 Cobra Motor Home

by Andrew Latham
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The 1978 Cobra motor home was built by Cobra Industries. It comes in 17 models, ranging from the 18-1/2-foot Fiesta Series Bimini to the 33-foot Supreme Series Casa Grande. Although Cobra Industries no longer is manufacturing any 1978 models, it remains a popular recreational vehicle traded in the secondhand motor home market.

Floor Plan

The 1978 Cobra motor home's floor plan varies depending on the model and series. It is based on the position of the bath and dinette and whether the motor home comes with a twin bed. For example, the Monterey and Ventura models from the Supreme Series are based around a twin-bed layout, while the smaller Fiesta Series Beachcomber model is based on a rear dinette floor plan.


The length of a 1978 Cobra motor home ranges from the Beachcomber's 17-1/2 feet to the 33-foot Casa Grande.

Engine and Suspension

Cobra's 1978 motor homes were ordered from diesel and gas engine manufacturers, such as Dodge and Chrysler. They come with various engine and suspension systems, such as the Limited Slip Axle, the Power Center Steering System and the Mor-Ryde Suspension System.


The 1978 Cobra motor home comes with generators ranging from 12,000 watts to 2,500 watts. The size of generator required depends on the model and number of appliances connected to the motor home.


The motor homes feature a variety of appliances, including a 10-cubic-foot refrigerator, a 12-volt recirculating toilet, a microwave oven, water heaters of six to 10 gallons, a wastewater holding tank and a garbage disposal unit.

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