South Carolina Windshield Replacement Regulations

by Jessica Williams
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In South Carolina's Code of Laws, there are specific guidelines for auto safety glass. Residents of South Carolina who have 100 percent auto insurance coverage enjoy a benefit when it comes to windshield replacement. In general, South Carolina state laws require that auto safety glass be free of damage and clear.

Code of Laws

Section 56-5-5000 of the South Carolina Code of Laws states that safety glass in vehicles must be unobstructed. A cracked or damaged windshield can be dangerous and can obstruct the driver's vision. The law requires you to fix or replace a broken windshield.


South Carolina is one of the few zero-deductible states when it comes to windshield replacements. When your windshield is damaged, if you have full insurance coverage, you can replace it without a deductible.

Type of Glass

Auto Glass SC recommends purchasing a windshield that has a high-impact rating, meaning it won't break easily under the pressure of low-impact items. The glass should be laminated and multilayered. Ask about warranties when you get a windshield replacement.


South Carolina regulates the tinting of auto glass. Car owners can have tint on windows and windshields, but people outside of the vehicle must be able to see in.

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