Small Tricks to Make My 1300 Hayabusa Have More Power

by Don Kress
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The Suzuki Hayabusa is to this day one of the most powerful production motorcycles in existence. With mild tuning and a few racing tricks, even the Hayabusa can be improved to better take on the Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R and the handful of MV Agusta motorcycles that provide a better top speed and 0-to-60 throttle response. Unlike typical motorcycles, in which a simple air filter and exhaust system radically alter the power dynamics of the motorcycle, the Hayabusa won't benefit from either due to the already excellent-flowing air/exhaust system. In any situation in which a rider wishes to improve the horsepower of the Hayabusa, rather than the usable power, extensive engine and machine work is necessary to gain even a slight power increase over stock.

Electronic Programmers to Improve Rated Power

With an electronic injection system, the Suzuki Hayabusa responds favorably to adding a Power Commander electronic programmer to the engine. These programmers recalibrate the fuel curve to make the best use of high-octane fuel. In stock form, the motorcycle can be run on 87 or 89 octane pump fuel. The addition of a programmer makes it necessary to run 91 or higher octane fuel, but the trade-off is that the higher octane fuel increases the usable horsepower of the motorcycle, if only by a small amount. Expect no more than a 2 to 8 horsepower increase from the addition of a power programmer.

Nitrous Oxide Kits to Improve Rated Power

Single-shot nitrous oxide kits significantly improve the power of the Suzuki Hayabusa in racing situations and, when used judiciously, do not always require engine modification to run. Nitrous kits can be relatively simple to install, but at higher power levels they do require careful tuning of the engine to prevent overpowering the engine internals and potentially damaging components. The best option when installing nitrous oxide on a motorcycle is to have the work done at a certified dealership or shop where you know such work has been completed successfully in the past.

Electric Shifter Kits to Improve Usable Power

Electric shifter kits available for the Suzuki Hayabusa improve power by improving rider response time. When competing in closed-circuit drag racing, the single most important factor necessary to win races is how quickly and accurately you can shift the motorcycle's gears. Electric shifter kits cut the shift time of a manual transmission significantly, reducing E/Ts by 1/2 to one full second. The kits install in place of the existing foot lever shifter, and while they take some getting used to, they work remarkably well to give you full use of all the power of the motorcycle.

Extended Swing Arms to Improve Usable Power

Although they have become something of a fashion accessory for street motorcycles, bikes fitted with extended swing arms significantly reduce their quarter-mile times by allowing the rider to run stickier drag race tires rather than street tires without the danger of the front end of the motorcycle lifting too far off of the ground. While it is expected when under heavy acceleration for the front tire to lift a little, too much lift requires the rider to let up on the throttle to bring the front tire back to the ground, and thus the motorcycle back under control. With an extended swing arm, the bike is less prone to front wheel lift, allowing the rider to remain on the throttle for longer periods without losing control of the bike.

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