How to Ship a Vehicle From One City to Another City

by Mark Ivanko

Whether you are buying a car from another state or planning a move and need to ship your vehicle to your new location, there are a few basic things you should have prepared and ready before you call a shipping company and before the car is picked up.

How to ship a car from one city to another

Get competitive quotes. Get online and shop around for the best available rates that you can find. Have the ZIP codes for where the car is and where the car is going before calling the shipping companies.

Find out about who you are using. Try to find reviews from people or companies that have used the shipping company you plan on going with. Also, make sure that they are fully insured before committing to using that company.

Get your vehicle ready. Most shipping companies prefer that the vehicle you are shipping not have a full tank of gas. If the trucker were to get involved in an accident while shipping your car, a full tank of gas might ignite and cause an explosion.

Vehicle pickup. Make sure to thoroughly go over the vehicle, both inside and out, when the driver comes to pick up your car. Check for any dings, nicks or scratches that are there. It's also a good idea to check the underbody of the car before shipping in case the vehicle is damaged while it is loaded on and off the truck. Most drivers will have a sheet to mark any scratches, chips or dents in the vehicle at the time of pickup and will give you a copy with both his signature as well as yours.

Delivery time. Be sure to inspect the vehicle from top to bottom when it is coming off the truck. If you are at the destination when the vehicle gets there, have your original paperwork from when you had the vehicle placed on the truck to insure no new damage has occurred. If you are not available to inspect it, fax or mail a copy of the pickup receipt to whomever is accepting delivery of the vehicle. This protects both you and the shipping company.


  • check Always check to make sure that the shipping company you are using is fully insured and that it has a good track record with shipping vehicles.
  • check Be sure to remove all personal belongings from your vehicle prior to shipping so that they do not get lost in the process.

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