How to Set the Clock on a '99-'05 BMW 3 Series E46

by Contributor

On the 1999-2005 BMW 3 series (E46 body styles: 323i, 325i, 328i, & 330i) you can change/set the clock located in the odometer instrument panel. The clock on the radio and the clock on the odometer panel are synced, so when you set one, the other will automatically update.

Step 1

Turn ignition to positon one

Turn the ignition key one notch to position one.

Step 2

Make sure the clock is showing on instrument panel

Press the On Board Computer button(located on the left turn signal stalk) until the clock appears on the instrument panel under your speedometer.

Step 3

Twist black knob on right

On the instrument cluster there are two little black knobs. Twist the one on the RIGHT. Move it clockwise and the clock will go forward, twist anti-clockwise, and it will go backwards.

NOTE** The On Board Computer may not be an option on all 3 Series BMWs. This article is for a 3 series equipped with this option. If you do not have this option, please refer to your manual on how to set the clock, or try this method, it may still work.

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