How to Sell Used Car Batteries

by Tina Amo
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Owners of used car batteries may be able to find buyers for them, especially if they are still working. Options for selling a car battery include selling it to an auto shop or to a metal recycling center. It is also possible to find buyers through a posting on classified websites on the Internet. Handle car batteries with care while searching for a buyer. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, they contain lead and acid in toxic amounts.

Step 1

Sell your car battery to an auto repair shop. These shops usually need working parts that they can use in their repair work. You may be able to get a reasonable amount of money for your used battery.

Step 2

Advertise online. Users of classifieds websites often use theses as a medium to sell items they no longer need or buy items they need at low prices. You can also offer your used car battery on auction sites.

Step 3

Sell the car battery to a recycling center. Some metal recycling centers will offer cash for used batteries. Be aware that only a few of them do this, however, and the amount offered is usually small.

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