How to Sell a Car in West Virginia

by Elton Dunn
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If you're selling your car yourself, you need to price and advertise your vehicle. Both your car's condition and its price affect selling time, so keep your car neat and clean to make it look more attractive to buyers and be flexible with the price if you're not fielding any offers. Once you've located a buyer, West Virginia requires you to complete title transfer paperwork to conclude the sale.

Step 1

Set your car's price. Look up your car's worth on Kelley Blue Book (see Resources), entering in the make, model, mileage and condition to get an estimate of your car's value. Then decide whether you want to advertise your car for the same price, a higher price or a lesser price.

Step 2

List your car for sale in your local community newspaper, using Mondo Newspaper's list of local West Virginia papers to find your local paper (see Resources). Also advertise your car on line using community websites like Craigslist and list it in the West Virginia section.

Step 3

Meet any potential buyers so they can see the car. When you've located a buyer, agree on a time to complete the sale and do the title transfer paperwork. In the meantime, clear any personal information out of your car and locate your car's title.

Step 4

Obtain payment from the buyer on the day of sale.

Step 5

Fill in the odometer reading on your title on the day of sale. Then sign your name next to the "Seller" line and write the date. Hand the title to the buyer, who will sign and date next to the "Buyer" line. Give the title to the buyer, who will present it to the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a new title.

Step 6

Fill out a Bill of Sale, which you can obtain before the sale day by visiting your local branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles. Write down your name and address as well as the buyer's name and address, plus the vehicle identification number and the car's make and model. Sign the Bill of Sale. Visit a notary public to get the document notarized. While only the seller needs to file the Bill of Sale with the West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, you might want to present the buyer with a notarized copy for her records.

Step 7

Visit your local West Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles branch to file the Bill of Sale. This protects you from being liable for any traffic violations or other problems with the car, since you are no longer the legal owner.

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