How to Sell a Car That Has Been Totaled

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Selling a car that has been totaled can be very difficult. Many rules and regulations are in place to prevent owners from easily selling a car that is in this condition. However, you can legally sell a totaled car with some preparation and know-how. Follow the steps below.

Ensure that your car is indeed totaled. The definition of a totaled car means it will cost an insurance company more to fix than to replace. Don’t assume your car is totaled before having an insurance specialist view it.

Sell your car to an insurance company. Cars deemed totaled lose their validation. In order for your car to be legally validated, it must be deemed as a salvage car. Some insurance companies buy totaled cars and salvage them.

Get a salvage certificate. Depending on the state you live in, your department of motor vehicles can issue this certificate. Fill out the form, pay the appropriate fees and the certificate will be issued. The salvage certificate becomes the ownership document of the car as opposed to the original title.

Take your car to a local dealership so it can assess the car. If your car can’t be driven, take a picture of it. Many local dealerships offer cash for a totaled car. Explain to the car dealership that your car has been totaled and tell the dealership you are willing to sell it for cash.

Find a local junk yard or scrap yard. Many times, these places will buy your car to sell the workable parts. Although you won’t get much money from a junk yard or a scrap yard, it is definitely better than nothing.

Consider donating your car. Many organizations will take a totaled car and give you a tax deduction form. These organizations will also handle picking up your car and all transportation costs.

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