How to Sell Your Car to a Junkyard

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Did you get in a car wreck and you are now stuck with a car that doesn’t work? Do you have a car that you can’t get rid of no matter how low you price it? An easy way to put extra money in your pockets is to find a junkyard that will buy your car. A lot of junkyards are happy to purchase old cars or cars that have been in wrecks because the junkyards can then turn around and sell the parts on the car. With money being tight in many households these days, people may have money sitting in their drive way and not even know it. By following these steps, you can learn how to sell your automobile to a junkyard.

Gather all the information on your car. You need to know the make, model and the year of the car. You should also note any parts of the car that are no longer working or are missing.

Contact junkyards in the city that you live in. Explain that you are looking to sell a car and give the full description of the car. If you are asked questions, answer truthfully so you can ensure that the quote you receive will remain accurate.

Select the junkyard that is bids the highest amount of money for your car. If a few of the bids are close, you can try haggling with the junkyards to get a few extra dollars added onto the total. Don’t forget to ask whether there will be any taxes or surcharges taken out of the price you are quoted.

Transport the car so that the car can safely arrive at the junkyard. If the automobile is still in working order, simply make the drive. You can then get your money from the junkyard and either take a taxi or have a friend pick you up from the junkyard. If your car is inoperable, ask the junkyard if it can come and tow your car away. If not, you need to contract an independent third-party towing company.

Ensure that a legal title transfer occurs so that there are no issues with the sale in the future. Request a bill of sale upon transfer of ownership.


  • check Bring the car title with you so you can prove ownership of the car.


  • close Don’t leave any personal items in the car because the items will then become property of the junkyard.

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