How to Sell a Car in British Columbia

by Shara JJ Cooper
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Selling a car can be frustrating and time consuming, but with a little preparation and foresight you should be able to sell your car easily in British Columbia. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is the governing provincial body responsible for insuring, registering and licensing drivers and vehicles. You will need to familiarize yourself with their rules. Quite a few free advertising services are available to publicize your vehicle sale.

Step 1

Research your make and model of vehicle. Determine what condition your car is in and what market value it has. Visit the Kelley Blue Book website (see References) to look up your car. You can price your car slightly above the market price if you think it has extras that make it more valuable. Price it lower for a quicker sale.

Step 2

Clean your car and do any minor repairs to make it look its best. Cars that look well-maintained are more appealing to buyers.

Step 3

Collect all relevant receipts, particularly for any extras you have put on your car. If you live in Greater Vancouver, your car will have had an Air Care inspection. Have this report ready. Its also a good idea to buy a vehicle history report to show potential buyers.

Step 4

Go to an Autoplan broker (see ICBC website for locations) and get the transfer tax form you will need when you sell the car.

Step 5

Advertise your car. Craigslist, Kijiji, UsedVancouver, and AutoTrader are just a few places you can list your car. Be sure to include any information pertinet to consumers. This may help limit the number of calls you get from people who aren't really interested but just want more information. Be honest about any faults your car has or any work it needs. You can also advertise by putting signs on your car and in your yard, and by telling your friends and family to spread the word.

Step 6

Sell your car when you have found the right buyer. You should not accept personal checks. Cash, money orders or certified checks are the safest methods of payments. You will need to remove your license plates, insurance and registration. Give the registration to the new owner. Fill out the transfer tax form. Go with the buyer to an Autoplan broker and give him the registration and transfer paper and have him complete the paperwork. While you are at the Autoplan broker you can have the broker cancel or transfer the insurance from your vehicle.

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